TELYN HARP TALES i Tysnes Omsorgssenter

Tysnes Omsorgssenter
7. desember kl. 11:30

Konserten er open for bebuarar, frivillige, pårørande og vener av Tysnes Omsorgssenter.

Konsert 7. desember kl 11.30
Born and raised in the rugged countryside of North Wales, Ceri developed a love for music, performance and mountains from an early age.

She started playing the harp at 8 and her love of climbing and high places has led to development of additional expertise in physical theatre and circus skills. She is now a full time professional artist and has performed nationally and internationally, from Llangollen Eisteddfod to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Telyn is the Welsh word for Harp. In English it might be pronounced “tellin’”.